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Hansa Brandenburg CI Serie 29

Designed in 1915 for 160 hp engines, this Type was continuously developed to take stronger engines up to 240 hp and remained in production with several producers until the end of the war and several examples were built and kept  in service even after the war ended .

With around 1200 examples it was by far the most numerous type built for the LFT.
It was the true workhorse of the LFT and had to serve in many roles from bombing, strafing, reconnaissance , artillery spotting and flight training. Many were converted into special duty versions.
The particular example we are building represents a series 29 type of which 40 where built between 4th of July and 19th  of October 1917 by the Phönix Flugzeugwerke formerly known as Österreichisch Ungarische Flugzeugwerke in Vienna powered by an Austro Daimler four valve engine with 210 hp.