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This particular Austro Daimler aero engine series 23 000 , production number 23279, is one of only 7 examples known to exist worldwide and is destined to power the Hansa Brandenburg CI twoseater which we have currently under construction.
Together with competent partners and under the supervision of Austro control a complete overhaul was conducted.
So far we waren´t  able to match this engine number to a particular aircraft type though the production number indicates a delivery date of July 1918.
As long as safety was not affected by reusing all original parts available to guarantee a maximum level of authentic mechanical condition and appearance nothing was changed.
At the first inspection we found that the engine was over compressed by installing domed pistons. Something only done during an overhaul, usually after around 75 hours running time when the main bearings have to be replaced.
The only defect we could find was a damaged connecting rod bearing.
Due to the excellent original condition of the engine we were able to gain a lot of information not only on its use and appearance but also the finish of parts which lead to a very high level of authenticity in the restoration.