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Rumpler C IV  1463/17    1917

The two-seater C-Class aircraft of the Rumpler factory were amongst the most successful designs used by the German Fliegertruppe in WWI.
This particular plane was ordered in February 1917 with an order number of 1463/17 and production number 2693.
Delivered in August 1917, it was shot down after a very short service life with Fl.Abt. 224 - on September 11 1917.

Due to the severe damage from the crash, and subsequent corrosion of the metal components, a restoration to flying condition is not possible.

The aim of this restoration is to build a complete airplane for static museum display, but to use as many as possible of the original parts.
Only two original factory drawings are known to exist so we are reverse engineering the aircraft using data gained from the original parts, photographs and measurements taken from the only other plane of this type, which is housed in the German Museum in Munich.

A complete documentation of all the existing parts is part of this project, as is a study of the remaining fabric pieces to recreate the correct camouflage.